Bournbrook Varsity Medical Centre

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Bournbrook Varsity Medical Centre
1A Alton Road, Selly Oak
B29 7DU
Completed by:

This was a brand new purpose-built surgery built in Selly Oak in Birmingham in an area popular for student accommodation. There are 5 doctors based at the practice and the lead doctor is Dr Cross

Dr. Cross wanted us to design, make and fit signs that reflected the modern efficient image of the building – both inside and outside the practice.

To that end we fitted a vertical sign down the front of either side of the building, which allows the practice to be easily seen and found.

In reception we installed an office tech sign showing a list of the doctors practicing in the centre. Inside the building we affixed suspended signs from the ceiling to provide direction for visitors.

In reception we fitted a directory system which can be easily amended by the staff in the centre 

On the doors we fitted signs showing where each doctor practices