Rush Hill Surgery

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Rush Hill Surgery
20 Rush Hill
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This is a surgery just outside Bath. We were contacted by the Practice GP and we were called in to advise on the signage requirements both inside and out. New signage for the surgery was required.

The signage had to be durable, vandal resistant but be in keeping with both the building and the landscaping.  Powder coated aluminium freestanding signs were utilized outside along with a set of brushed silver stainless steel letters fixed directly onto the wall outside the entrance.  We then provided interior signage on walls and doors throughout

The new building looks great and it was felt that there needed to be sign at the front that reinforced this impression. This is a locate system where we can supply posts and panel in the same colour and there are no unsightly fixings 

On the wall of the entrance we fitted built-up gold plated letters 

Car parking is at the rear. We installed a post and panel sign giving directions to visitors  

As you come into the centre we fitted clear acrylic signs throughout the building to show the location of departments and specialists within  

A great deal of money was invested in this new medical centre. The doctors and visitors alike have been impressed.